Amazing DEAL to Become Master in : BIG DATA, Hadoop Development

Bangalore, Karnataka 3000.00 ₹
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Amazing Deal to Become Master in :Big Data & Hadoop Development in Bangalore
Fees : 3000/-
Yes, it s AMAZING DEAL, at cheapest price
Registration Link :
if any issues then simply send email
Contact Details :
Whatsapp : +91 8801203085
Promises :
* We will help all the participants in getting clarifications on any topic of course content mentioned even after this Weekend Sessions. Support period is till 1st June 2017 ( or upto 6 Months extended support from the date of joining), over the weekends.
* We will mentor and train you with objective of every thing is practical
* We help the candidate in preparing Resume & Give guidance on how to attend interviews
Agenda :
Mr. Upendra would like to share knowledge on BIG DATA & Hadoop Development during weekend session. At the end of the sessions participants will be able to :
* Install Hadoop (GOITSTORE pre built packaged Apache Hadoop on Ubuntu)
* Get command over the HDFS Architecture & HDFS / Hadoop Commands
* Create tables and write HIVE SQL queries to explore large volumes
* Write PIG programs to handle various ETL (Extract Transform Load) scenario s
* Bring REAL TIME STREAMING data using FLUME from twitter
* Import or Export tables from MySQL Database both locally and from any cloud based or web based servers.
* Write Map Reduce code to handle some specific scenario s
* Prepare Resume & Handle interviews as per local requirements.
We are looking forward for your participation in our Director Mr. Upendra Dharmavarapu s Hadoop Development session.
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