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Summer reading: why audiobooks are the way to go
With the first form of audio book born on the 1930’s, ‘talking books’ have gained massive popularity in the digital realm. It is one of the few times in history that technology has reinvigorated the appetite for an emerging art form that combines the mesmeric charm of old-time radio drama with digital technology. Audio books are coming into their own as a creative medium in the publishing industry.
Summer days bring along long vacations and lazy days. ‘Beach Reading’ implores up ultra-light fiction for lazy summer days spent soaking up the sun. You leave behind the dreary serious academic literature, the heavily composed poetry, the epic tomes and the fact-based non-fiction. All of those ponderous textbooks stay back at home, too, accumulating dust until the vacation ends. But it is time for easy, breezy, reading meant for real entertainment. Everyone wants the kind of comfortable and pleasureful reading while sipping a cool beverage at your favourite vacation destination.
The carefree optionBut when you wish to experience the actual summer reading delight, tune out the world around you and tune in to a stress-relieving audio book, Buy E Books Online India. Not only are there no pages to flip or bookmarks that can be misplaced, but you don’t even have to look at the next. So, put on your darkest sunglasses, head to your favourite holiday destination, simply chill-out and listen along and leave the reading to someone else.
Easy going genres
You can digest an entire novel- or dozens of them- with your eyes closed. They are available in all the genres, be it the latest crime novel, spy thriller, sci-fiction series to keep you enthralled or bodice-ripping romance novels, all of them are available in the form of audiobooks.
An online book library on the go
Audiobooks are a multitasker’s dream come true. Audiobooks are the best choice if you are taking a road trip this summer. Listen to your favourite book safely and drive completely hands-free. You can also keep the kids delightfully occupied and quite in the backseat as they pop in the ear buds to engage in recreational listening that can be very educational and informative as well. Moreover, podcasts are one of the best digital devices that can store series of audio books. An enhanced podcast can even display images synchronised with audio. Isn’t it exciting? Your audio book will now be a video book. In case you are flying to your vacation destination, forget those boring airline magazines and grab your podcast, plug in your headphones and get absorbed in the plot of a gripping novel.
The ideal ‘stay-cation’ solution
Even if you are planning a ‘stay-cation’ and no vacation plans this summer, you still can squeeze a lot more fun out of it with your favourite audio books, just by piping them through your home stereo system. Invite the world’s greatest authors into your home while completing housework or while exercising, etc. Though its success strongly depends on the voice talents and skill of the narrator and the quality of the finished product but still audio books are doing really good and more and more people are deviating to this speaking book. There are many giant players in the audiobook market and Book Hungama is one of them who offers audio books in almost all genres be it comic, romantic, detective or mythological, etc. It is really at the intersection of the literary and technological tradition. It also offers you the platform wherein you can publish Buy Audio Books Online India. It is an online bookstore. Further, you can buy audio books online. You can also download eBooks in audio format and listen to your favourite book whenever you want.
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