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How to write an eBestseller?
As a writer, everyone assumes to write a bestseller. Hitting the bestseller lists’ is an emblem of the impact a book has. Everyone has a book in them, but the question is how do you get it out? Here are some great tips that will help you write your best. Read and start writing!
Every nascent author dreams about writing that eBook & Buy Rent Ebooks Online India that turns into a bestseller. It’s the eBook that gets you famous and paid well. Not having written an eBestseller yet doesn’t inevitably show a lack of talent as there are gimmicks to writing eBestsellers, and here we’ll tell you some of them, keep reading to start writing.
• Determine which area of writing works best for you-- fiction, non-fiction, if you are flexible enough, try both. You never know which might work wonder for you.
• a. Fiction-- Learn the tactic to how to write a short story. If you want to read some short stories for your reference you can refer to Book Hungama, an Buy E Books Online India & online book library offering wide variety of eBooks on various genres. Please cast a glance at: Sketch the profile and background of your characters in advance. Your would-be eBestseller must be easy to read, hence sequence the events and super-clasp the attention of your readers through connecting traits in your characters, incredible plots and engrossing story-telling. b. Non-fiction-- Look for a topic that a great many people are concerned about. If no one has touched upon that topic, great. If already talked about, what unique angle can you provide?
• Know your audience-- Analyse the market well. Get the answer to the questions- what does your reader need? What will interest them? What are their likes-dislikes, etc? If your eBook answers all these questions they can see their reflection in your eBook.
• Select the topic-- Think of something that you are really passionate about and you could write on it a lot. Think of issues with which your readers can relate to at the first glance like politics, sci-fiction, drama, crime, etc. E.g., ‘Jagnyache che kala’(art of living) by Bhagyashree talks about the hostel life, hostel mates and so on. Cast a glance at:
• Think of fusion-- There isn’t any hard and fast rule for an eBestseller to be written in a novel or non-fiction format. It might be a blog, an autobiography, a travel-log or anything you think will work for your idiosyncrasies and abilities.
• Don’t hold back-- Once you have decided to write a bestselling eBook, write it as if it’s your last. Don’t hold back to your thoughts, give way to all your thoughts through words.
• Writing the eBook-- Take notes all the time as a thought may click you anytime. Be focused on the purpose of the eBook and then start with the actual writing, but don’t forget to review your progress regularly. Also set a deadline so that you can become being an author-in-waiting to a published-author-hoping-for-bestseller. Once you finish writing, include a synopsis.
• Review the writing-- Once you have completely finished writing, go over the work thoroughly and correct errors, if any. Get it reviewed by colleagues, friends or an expert who will rip the work to pieces and get the best out of it. E.g., if you wish to publish your eBook at Book Hungama, you need to inbox your work at: and the team of experts will review and enact it and broadcast it through YouTube, ‘Nukkad TV’. You can view some at:
• Publishing and waiting-- Decide how you want to publish your work, as a book or an eBook or both. Give it to the publisher. For instance, you can hand it over to Book Hungama and they will take care of all your post-writing work like reviewing and publishing it. They even do the marketing of it by uploading the synopsis of it in their blog section ‘Nukkad’, through their facebook update, you can check at:
• Start with the sequel-- Start it as soon as your work becomes a bestseller as your readers are hanging out for more from you.
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Usefull tips

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