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Questioned Document Investigations-
• Alteration, substitution, insertion, deletion, addition in the documents
• Examination of printed matter
• Identification of printed source
• Examination of scanned documents
• Examination of photocopiers
• Ink identification and dating and detection of the age of ink.
• Examination of typescripts
• Paper analysis
• Forensic Photography of disputed documents
• Examination of erasures
• Decipherment of secret writing
• Forgery detection such as “Cut and paste” signatures or text.
• Determination of sequence of strokes
• Examination of counterfeit currency notes
• Determination of relative age of the documents
• Identification of fake wills
• Certificate, ration card, degrees, ID card etc verification
• Passport verification
• Examination of different scripts like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
• Opinion writing
• Report writing in cross examination

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