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Sai S. Suresh has been a Clairvoyant since her childhood and has spent the last 15 years being in communion with the divine, sharing this gift with relatives, friends and many others with open heart and mind. Many have benefited experiencing to reach new levels in life, improved health, wealth and personal empowerment through her gifted ability to heal by touch.

Our services:

1- treating physical ailments
2- solutions for financial constraints and hurdles in carrier growth
3- handling chakra distress through chakra balancing
4- issues related to purva Janma distress
5- moksha prayers
6- solutions for negative energy flow

Being a clairvoyant by birth, I follow the process of spiritual healing that helps an individual heal both at physical level and also focuses on the spiritual growth.

I have to keep my concentration in helping a person grow spiritually when practicing spiritual healing on an individual. During the process, I keep the higher purpose of spiritual healing in mind so that I do not divert myself away from the basic purpose of healing.
Baba says’ spiritual healing is beyond the understanding of the five senses, mind and intellect of an individual, and it can be experienced only through a sixth sense.
The spiritual energy works best when the root cause of the problem is in the angle of “spiritual dimension”. It then needs to be corrected or treated by some method which is spiritually more stronger than the root cause of the problem.


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