Domestic Water Softener in Bangalore at Best Price

Bangalore, Karnataka 25000.00 ₹
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Aquionics offers a practical solution to eliminate all your water hardness related problems – the Aqua Dawn Whole house Softener. Designed and manufactured with the most advanced technology, it provides hard water treatment for the whole house for everyday purpose. Simple but very effective to use, it converts hard water easily into soft water which helps in many ways like:
Soft Water keeps the skin soft and supple, preventing rashes and dryness.
Soft Water does not damages hairs and stop hair fall caused due to hardness in water.
Soft Water forms proper lather with soap, shampoos and detergents cleaning your hair and dishes thoroughly.
Soft Water safeguards your shower, taps and other appliances from mineral deposits or scaling that takes place due to hard water. Moreover, scaling causes loss of resources and lessen the longevity of your valuable faucets and other accessories.
Ideally suited for Indian homes, Hard Water Softner by Aquionics is easy to install and can be connected to storage tanks. It is better than traditional hard water treatment since it conserves energy, has low recurring cost and saves money. The water softener price is easily compensated when you save on electricity bills!

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